New Flame-Resistant Fabric for Arc Flash


One of the big challenges in implementing an arc flash protection program is getting the employees to wear the PPE that is designated for the hazard. Traditional arc flash PPE has been heavy and hot, which employees want to avoid, especially in warmer climates. In addition to the comfort factor, wearing hot and heavy clothes can exhaust workers and lower thier work rate and concentration.

In response to the need for lighter, cooler arc flash rated PPE clothing, DuPont and MIlliken have teamed up to introduct a new fabric, DuPont Nomex CXP. The new flame-resistant material is designed to help protect against both fire and electric arc flash threats while providing a lighter and cooler fabric than standard materials. The patented technology comprises CXP fabric by Milliken that uses DuPont Nomex inherently flame resistant fiber. It is lighter weight and more breathable than most other flame-resistant fabrics to provide enhanced worker comfort. DuPont and Milliken developed the product based on the need for garments that offer dual hazard protection against both fire and electric arc flash events.

The advancements by DuPont to make lighter and cooler arc flash PPE clothing will help promote the proper use of PPE for arc flash. The new material which is rated for HRC (Hazard Risk Category) 2 is ideal for daily wear for those who might be exposed to exposed energized equipment.

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