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Electrical Fault and Fire Injures 2 OH Firefighters

Dayton, OH – Two firefighters suffered non-life-threatening injuries while responding to an industrial fire at the MAHLE Behr Dayton (OH) facility last week. Fire crews traced the fire to an electrical substation on the roof. The substation had electricity flowing into it, but not out of the transformers. The substation then overheated in an electrical fault. The…

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Behr Pleads Guilty in Case of Employee’s Death

Rockford, IL – Willful violation of lockout/tagout and confined space protections at Behr Iron & Steel resulted in an employee’s death at the recycling company’s South Beloit facility in 2014. This week, Behr representatives were in federal court where they plead guilty to willful violation of US safety standards. The sentencing date is set for…

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