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Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Inventory Control

2-Day Hands-On Workshop for Increasing Maintenance Productivity

On-Site Training

Bring this training to your location !


Maintenance Planning, Scheduling, & Inventory Control

This two-day workshop will provide managers and supervisors with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and take advantage of every area in which efficiency can be improved. The seminar will consist of both classroom-style instruction, about the principles behind maintenance efficiency and strategies for improvement, as well as actual fact finding and evaluation with a professional consultant who will help you identify the areas for improvement and establish a plan of action. At the end of the workshop, in addition to the training you receive, you will also have a list of action items to get started on to immediately see improvement in the efficiency of your operation.

Learn to Improve Maintenance Productivity by 30% – 50%

  • Optimizing Planning & Scheduling
  • Improving Process Flow
  • Reducing Parts Inventory & Waste
  • Leveraging Technology for Maintenance Controls


Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

  • How to Turn Maintenance into a Profit Center

  • Important Components of a Work Process Flow
  • How to Control Your Backlog

  • Work Request Approval and Validation
  • Work Request Categories

  • How to Increase the Wrench Time
  • How to Do It Right the First Time

  • Estimate Material and Tool Requirements
  • Ensure Equipment Availability
  • Establish Step-by-Step Procedure
  • Safety Requirements
  • Outside Contractors’ Requirements

  • The Scheduling Process Flow
  • Pre-Meeting
  • Prioritization
  • Equipment Availability
  • Labor Utilization
  • Final Schedule

Inventory Control for Maintenance

  • Overview of Maintenance Inventory Management
  • Benefits of controlled Maintenance Inventory Management

  • Inventory Control
  • Minimums, Safety Stocks
  • Reorder Point (ROP) and Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)

  • Shortening Lead Time
  • Supplier Relationships
  • Reducing Inventory

  • ABC Analysis
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

Applied Technology

  • CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)/EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)
  • Mobile
  • Bar Coding
  • Automation

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