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PLC Training

2 Day, 3 Day or 4 Day Program

On-Site Training

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PLC Training for RSLogix5000
with Hands-On Activities


The curriculum for this series is designed for electricians, technicians and engineers that have little or no experience with programmable automation controllers (PAC). It is also suitable for technical personnel with experience using controllers other than Allen Bradley as well as those that need a refresher. The course starts at the most fundamental level with PACs and progresses with each additional Lecture/Lab combination.

The primary hardware platform used in this course will be CompactLogix with RSLogix5000 programming software. With the expansive range of concepts to cover with the Logix Engine, any discussion of older hardware platforms(RSLogix500/PLC) will be incidental in clarifying the 5000 Logix Engine.

The learner will take away a solid understanding of what a PAC is, how PACs are implemented, and the necessary skills to analyze ladder logic diagrams for the purpose of troubleshooting the processes/machines controlled by a PAC. Attendees take home the project manual and a bonus disk that includes useful information and hardware manuals.


Some of the lecture subjects and supporting lab projects with a real PAC:

  • Computer hardware and operating systems on the shop floor
  • What is a programmable automation controller?
  • What is machine control and what is process control?
  • Mastering RSLinx w/Ethernet & RS232 on the shop floor – reducing downtime…
  • Using RSLogix5000 as a troubleshooting tool – reducing downtime…
  • Troubleshooting PAC Hardware – reducing downtime…
  • Recognizing and troubleshooting communication protocols and adapters…
  • Troubleshooting manufacturing processes with RSLogix5000 to reduce downtime…


  • A Certificate of Completion will be available for all attendees.
  • A Certificate of Competency awarded for successful participation in monitored tests at the end of each day of participation.


  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Overview
  • PLC Selection, Components, and Communication
  • Number Systems and Codes
  • Input/Output Devices and Motor Controls
  • Creating Relay Logic Diagrams
  • PLC Programming
  • PLC Timer Instructions
  • PLC Counter Instructions
  • PLC Math Instructions
  • PLC Compare, Jump, and MCR Instructions
  • Data Handling