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CPR / AED & First Aid Training

Group Workforce Training

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late to Learn to Save a Life !

Are you prepared to save a life when it matters most? Schedule one of our comprehensive CPR, AED, First Aid and Emergency Training courses to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively in emergency situations. Designed for both healthcare professionals and laypersons, our course provides a thorough understanding of life saving emergency processes  and techniques that can save a life.

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Group On Site & Blended Learning Training

Our instructors are part of an Authorized Training Center for the American Heart Association (AHA), American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) and the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI).

CPR / AED Training

English & Spanish

During this hands-on training, participants will learn the latest guidelines and best practices for performing CPR.. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the step-by-step process, ensuring that you develop the confidence and proficiency needed to perform life-saving interventions.

You will acquire essential skills such as assessing the victim’s condition, providing rescue breaths, performing chest compressions, and understanding the importance of early defibrillation.

In addition to CPR techniques, our course emphasizes the proper utilization of AEDs, which are critical devices for restoring a normal heart rhythm during sudden cardiac arrest. You will learn how to identify when an AED is required, how to operate the device safely, and how to apply the electrode pads for maximum effectiveness.

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First Aid Training

English & Spanish

Approximately a 3-hour course designed to teach members of the general public how to assess and treat injuries and medical or environmental emergencies until professional help arrives.  Skills focus on keeping the rescuer safe while providing life-saving assistance to the patient in a variety of scenarios.

Students learn proper techniques to use when treating internal or external bleeding; dealing with anaphylactic shock; managing bone and joint injuries; burn care; recognizing symptoms of heart attack, stroke, diabetic emergencies, and more.   Upon successful course completion, students receive a certification card valid for two years.

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Emergency Medical Responder

Initial Course: 48 – 50 hour course

Renewal Training: 14 – 16 hour course

The Emergency Medical Responder course follows the “National Standard Curriculum” designed by the USDOT National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Students receive a comprehensive textbook and will be trained to provide pre-hospital care in medical and trauma emergencies, above the level of basic first-aid but not as in-depth as EMT.

Emergency Medical Responders are trained to recognize and provide basic treatment for a wide variety of situations including cardiac arrest, heart attacks, strokes, shock, poisoning, burns, heat- and cold-related and environmental emergencies. Although the program does not have any specific prerequisites, students will be expected to read and understand the 600 page student manual, which is provided to them approximately one month prior to class. Coursework includes classes and skill acquisition in the following areas:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Situation and Patient Assessment
  • Airway Maintenance and Patient Ventilation including
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • CPR/AED Use
  • Injured Extremity Stabilization
  • Emergency Childbirth
  • Medical Personnel Assistance
  • Triage and Patient Movement

Upon successful completion of the course practical and written exams, students will receive an ASHI Emergency Medical Responder certification card valid for two years. This course does not certify the student for registration with State or local government organizations as an “Emergency Medical Responder” or “First Responder”.

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Advanced Bleeding Control

The ASHI Advanced Bleeding Control training program is intended for individuals who desire or are required to become trained in the use of commercial and improvised control devices for the immediate management of severe external bleeding.

This program can be used for standalone training on bleeding control or as a supplement to basic first aid training. The goal of this training program is to help students develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to respond in a severe bleeding emergency.

Bleeding Control for the Injured teaches participants the basic life-saving medical interventions, including bleeding control with pressure bandages, a tourniquet and gauze packs or topical hemostatic agents. The course is designed for NON-tactical law enforcement officers, firefighters, security personnel, teachers and other civilians requiring this basic training.

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