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Safety Training, Consulting & Outsourced Services

Your Partner for Workplace Safety Training & Services

Martin Technical can help your company develop and maintain safety programs and compliance so you can focus on your business.  Let the safety experts at Martin Technical be Your Partner for a Better, Safer and More Efficient Workplace.

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Outsourced Safety Management

Outsourcing your safety operations can help you reduce injuries, reduce your time and allows your team to focus on your business. We provide hands-on support to help make your safety program compliant, sustainable and hassle-free.
Learn More: Outsourced Safety Management

Safety Training

Safety Training helps companies keep their workforce safe, lowers costs, keep companies compliant, and builds a strong safety culture. Having the right safety training performed by industry experts can give you peace of mind that the safety training your workforce receives helps protects your workforce and assets. Trust the Experts at Martin Technical for your Safety Training needs.
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Job Hazard & Safety Analysis JSA JHA

A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Job Safety Analysis (JSA) identifies the safety hazards associated with the performance of job tasks and provides a systematic step by step procedure to guide workers on how to avoid potential safety hazards and protect themselves from the hazards.
Learn More: Job Hazard Analysis JSA / JHA

Inspections and Audit Services

Our team of safety experts can inspect and audit any of your equipment, tasks or programs. Inspections and audits help meet compliance and provide and identify potential problems that could jeopardize the health and safety of your workforce.
Learn More: Safety Inspection & Audit Services

Written Safety Progrms

Developing a Written Electrical Safety Program & Plan provides your workforce with the guidance they need to work safe and comply with electrical safety codes and standards. With an extensive background in electrical safety, electrical training and electrical maintenance, Martin Technical will provide detailed information and language, specific to your facility and job tasks.
Learn More: Written Safety Program Development

Industrial Hygiene Services

Our safety field technicians can provide a wide variety of industrial hygiene services including but not limited to Noise Assessments, Hearing Conservation & Testing, Air Sampling & Gas Detection, Dust Hazard Analysis and Respiratory Fit Testing.
Learn More: Industrial Hygiene Services

Confined Space Programs

Confined Space programs based on OSHA 1910.146 including training, confined space hazard assessments, confined space permit programs, confined space written programs and respirator and gas detection programs for confined spaces.
Learn More: Confined Space Services

Machine Guarding & Machine Safety

Our machine safety experts can help develop, maintain and inspect your machines safety programs including lockout tagout programs, alternative methods, machine guarding and training.
Learn More: Machine Safety Services

Spill Containment Services SPCC

Our Spill Containment Assessments provide an effective system for dealing with compliance and existing or potential environmental and safety concerns related to spills. SPCC Plan Requirements and written programs.

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