Martin Technical

Industrial Safety Services and Products


Martin Technical is a leading provider of practical safety and efficiency services that make industrial plants and facilities better, safer and more efficient.  Our experts can help simplify the complex by applying real-world solutions for Lockout Tagout, Arc Flash, Electrical Safety, Risk Assessments, Training, Machine Safety & Safety Consulting Services.

OSHA Health & Safety Services

Professional EH&S services from confined space programs , document management, to risk assessments and training.

Confined Space

Confined Space and gas detection programs to increase safety and meet compliance.


Martin Technical Training

On-Site Training for Facility & Plant Maintenance, Safety & Operations

Safety Hive Safety Management Software

Mobile Apps & Safety Software to increase productivity and reduce workplace incidents.

about Martin Technical

We combine today’s technologies with time tested best practices to make the complex “simple”, the hazardous “safe” creating programs that work for you and your culture.