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DC and EV Systems Electrical Safety Training

based on NFPA 70E®, OSHA and Industry Best Practices

Prevent Injuries and Protect Your Assets with DC Electrical Safety Training

Protect your workers and assets with our DC and EV Systems Electrical Safety  Training  based on NFPA 70E®, OSHA, and industry best practices. Taught by experienced instructors who have real-world electrical skills experience and are trained professional instructors, we can teach to almost any task, electrical hazard or equipment for any type of industry.  All training can be customized to your needs and can include hands-on training and validation.

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All DC & EV Electrical Safety Training can be Customized to your Needs

This DC & EV Electrical Safety Training course is designed for those who work on DC energized equipment including Alternative Energy, Telecom, Data Centers, EV charging stations, and anyone who works on DC drivers and battery operated equipment and storage.

Based on NFPA 70E®, students attending this course will gain an immense respect for the power of electricity. They will learn about personal safety for working on or around DC electrical systems and equipment, how to use proper materials and procedures for doing electrical work – and the potential consequences for themselves or others if they don’t. Students are given practical instruction applicable to their specific job or task while working on or around energized electrical equipment. This course also helps companies’ meet their OSHA training and Qualified Persons obligations as outlined in OSHA CFR 1910.331-335 and new NFPA 70E® standards that require training once every three years.

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Live Training Courses

We offer a broad range of live DC electrical safety training courses to cover all needs, including:

  • 1 Day DC Electrical Safety Training
  • 2 Day DC Electrical Safety Training
  • 3 Day DC Electrical Safety Training with Safety Qualified™ Electrical Worker Certification

Training Objectives

Attendees will learn the following with a special emphasis on DC electrical safety.

  • 1. How OSHA and NFPA rules apply to your workplace
  • 2. What’s changed in the latest NFPA 70E® edition
  • 3. The difference between “qualified” and “unqualified” electrical workers
  • 4. Identify different electrical hazards
  • 5. Understand the damage electricity can have on people and equipment
  • 6. Use proper response methods for electrical safety accidents
  • 7. How to recognize and work in hazardous boundaries
  • 8. Read arc flash data
  • 9. Apply arc flash and shock hazard warning information
  • 10. Use safe work practices to help prevent accidents and injuries
  • 11. How to choose, use and care for electrical safety PPE
  • 12. Use and care for testing equipment and tools
  • 13. The importance of electrical preventive maintenance for electrical safety
  • 14. Electrical preventive maintenance best practices
  • 15. Electrical safety concerns for special equipment and hazardous locations
  • 16. How to apply their knowledge of arc flash safety
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Safety Qualified™ Electrical Worker Certification

For the programs that include the Safety Qualified™ Electrical Worker Certification, students will put their knowledge and skills to test by demonstrating how to safely work on and around electrical equipment.

Different scenarios are created with live, finger safe voltages (24 volt) equipment, and the students must go through the process of creating an electrically safe environment before working, including proper circuit identification, and use of multimeters.

Safety Qualified™ Electrical Worker Testing & Certification

  • Performing Risk Assessments
  • Performing Job Briefings
  • Using NFPA Tables & Arc Flash Labels
  • Identify Shock Hazards & Arc Flash Hazards
  • Select Appropriate PPE
  • Establish Boundaries & Notifications
  • Proper Inspection of PPE
  • Demonstrate Appropriate Safe Work Practices
  • Selecting and Using Meters
  • Lockout Process
  • Safety Qualified™ Electrical Worker Exam
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Hands-On Demonstration & Testing

Our electrical safety training programs include our hands-on training and demonstration kits which provide examples of electrical PPE, tools and test equipment. An electrical disconnect box is also part of the demonstration kits.

Training on equipment at your location can also be done to provide students with real-world application of electrical safety practices.

Testing can be done through observation, oral quizzing or written tests.

electrical safety training hands on workshop kit

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Student Materials

Students will be provided with Uncle Monkey’s Electrical Safety Field Guide written by Martin Technical.  This field guide is based on the most recent version of NFPA 70E® which is referenced throughout the training.

Uncle Monkey Electrical Safety Field Guide BooksThis pocket book summarizes OSHA regulations as well as NFPA 70E® and is an excellent reference book for on-the-job information.





electrical safety training safety qualified hard hat stickerStudents completing the course will receive a Safety Qualified™ – Electrical Safety Trained hard hat sticker as an important safety reminder to follow electrical safety policies and procedures.


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After completion of this course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion and .1 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for each hour of class.

Training certificate CEUs

All training certificates will be stored by Martin Technical for future reference, validation and 3rd party documentation.

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