Lightning Protection


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Lightning Protection Design, Installation & Certification

The Martin Technical program incorporates nationally and internationally recognized standards to protect facilities and plants from the harmful effects of lightning and transient currents.



Martin Technical lighting protection design engineers are professional engineers certified by either UL or Lightning Protection Institute (LP) and can provide Master Label Certification. NFPA 780 Lightning Protection Code , UL 96A standards and/or LPI-175 standards are used to meet lightning protection compliance.


Our certified technicians have installed systems across the nation and provide turn-key installation and installation management services.

System Certification

Lighting Protection Certifications should be updated with changes to the structure or after five (5) years. Martin Technical can supply all required or specified full system certifications including:

  • UL 96A certification
  • LPI-175 certification
  • Military, U.A., GSA, and other government agency criteria

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