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Lightning Protection Inspection & Certification

based on UL 96A, LPI-175 and NFPA 780 standards

Protect Your Assets and Prevent Downtime

In the United States alone, lightning strikes 25 million times each year which exposes Industrial and business with destruction of installations and assets in addition to operations downtime.. A 2015 IDC survey estimates that the total costs from lightning-related damage to US industry and property is estimated to be between $8 billion and $10 billion per year and the average hourly cost of infrastructure failure at $100,000, with critical system outages potentially costing $500,000 per hour. Having a proper lighting protection system installed and tested regularly greatly reduces the chances of an lightning strike causing damage to your assets and disrupting operations.

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Lightning Protection Services

Lightning Protection System Inspection and Certification

Lighting Protection Certifications should be updated with changes to the structure and best practices include annual inspections with a Master Label® Certificate update every five (5) years.  Martin Technical can supply all required or specified full system certifications including:

  • UL 96A certification
  • LPI-175 certification
  • Military, U.A., GSA, and other government agency criteria
  • Master Label® Certificate
Work Process:

Inspection of the lightning arresting system for acceptable resistance levels as compared to the building electrical system ground, and the building electrical system as compared to earth ground.

Equipment to be inspected to UL96A standard:

Martin Technical personnel will inspect the following equipment to UL96A Standards:

  • All lightning aerials, system cables and air terminals.
  • All down lead connections on the building will be checked and tightened if accessible.
  • Visual inspection of the rooftop for any damage or corrosion of the lightning system.
Testing to be performed:

Martin Technical personnel will perform a point to point (two -point method) measure test for your facility.


Martin Technical will furnish a full written report with all test results and findings associated with the inspection.

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Lightning Protection System Design

Martin Technical lighting protection design engineers are professional engineers certified by either UL or Lightning Protection Institute (LP) and can provide Master Label Certification. NFPA 780 Lightning Protection Code , UL 96A standards and/or LPI-175 standards are used to meet lightning protection compliance.

Lightning Protection System Repair & Installation

Our certified technicians have repaired and installed lightning protection systems across the nation and provide turn-key installation and installation management services.

Protect Your Assets with Lightning System Inspection & Certification

by the experts at Martin Technical
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