Standby Generators & UPS Training


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Class Description

This training is designed for facility and plant maintenance technicians who operate and maintain emergency power systems such as generators and uninterruptable power systems.  Students will learn about emergency power system designs, application, testing, operations, maintenance and troubleshooting

Purpose of Training

In today’s world of data, electronic controls and efficiencies, having a reliable emergency power system is one of the most critical pieces of many facility and plant operations, but they are often misunderstood as they are not used on a daily basis. Proper design, implementation, operation and maintenance of emergency power system are key skills required to make sure that your electrical system remain on line when most needed. Not having your back-up power operate when needed can be devastating.
This training is designed specifically for facility and plant maintenance technicians who implement, operate, maintain and troubleshoot emergency power systems. Students will learn the skills to properly identify the proper emergency systems for their plant or facility, and how to test, maintain and troubleshoot the equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

Learning Objectives

• Proper selection and application of emergency power systems.
• How to install, operate and maintenance generators and emergency power systems.
• How to find and use applicable resources including IEEE, NFPA, NECA and NETA.
• How to read and understand OEM drawings and technical information.
• Proper testing and frequency of emergency power systems.
• How to work with parallel energy sources
• Synchronizing procedures and load sharing
• How to troubleshoot using a logical, systematic approach to isolate and repair generator problems

Course Agenda