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Confined Space Rescue Training

1 to 4 Day Training Options

On-Site Training

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Confined Space Rescue Trainingconfined space accident, safety

This course is designed to meet the training demands of 29 CFR 1910.146 (k) and NFPA 1670. This class includes classroom and field instruction for entry and non-entry confined space team members.  The length of the class is determined by rescue-type hazards at the plant.


  • Introduction to OSHA Code, Confined Space Identification and Dangers
  • Atmospheric Hazards and Air Monitors
  • Chemistry terminology as it relates to Confined Spaces
  • Physical and Engulfment Hazards
  • Lock-Out/Tag-Out Procedures and Entry Permits
  • Ventilation Equipment and Techniques
  • Respiratory Equipment and Techniques
  • Communications Equipment and Techniques
  • Entrant Retrieval Equipment
  • Confined Space Operational Positions and Responsibilities
  • Each participant will be required to perform a self-rescue, non-entry rescue and entry rescue as part of the rescue team.
  • Course Review and Final Exam

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