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Electrical Safety & Arc Flash Training

2 Day Electrical Safety Course - Based on NFPA 70E® & OSHA (Also Available in Spanish)

On-Site Training

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Electrical Safety and Arc Flash Training

NFPA 70E® Electrical Safety and Arc Flash Training

With Hands-On Activities

This Electrical Safety and Arc Flash training workshop is based on NFPA 70E®, OSHA and industry best practices and is designed to save lives, prevent disabling injuries, and prevent damage to plants, building and equipment. Students attending this course will
gain an immense respect for the power of electricity. They will learn about personal safety for working on or around electrical systems and equipment, how to use proper materials and procedures for doing electrical work and the potential consequences for themselves or others if they don’t.

Students are given practical instruction applicable to their specific job or task while working on or around energized electrical equipment. This course also helps companies’ meet their OSHA training obligations as outlined in CFR 1910.331-335 and new NFPA 70E® standards that require training once every three years.

Training Outcomes

  1. How OSHA and NFPA rules apply to your workplace
  2. What’s changed in the NFPA 70E® 2018 edition
  3. The difference between “qualified” and “unqualified” electrical workers
  4. Identify different electrical hazards
  5. Understand the damage electricity can have on people and equipment
  6. Use proper response methods for electrical safety accidents
  7. How to recognize and work in hazardous boundaries
  8. Read arc flash data
  9. Apply arc flash and shock hazard warning information
  10. Use safe work practices to help prevent accidents and injuries
  11. How to choose, use and care for electrical safety PPE
  12. Use and care for testing equipment and tools
  13. The importance of electrical preventive maintenance for electrical safety
  14. Electrical preventive maintenance best practices
  15. Electrical safety concerns for special equipment and hazardous locations
  16. How to apply their knowledge of arc flash safety

Agenda Day 1 & 2

I. Electrical Safety & the Qualified Person ( Electrical Worker )

II. Electrical Hazards

III. Safety Related Work Practices

IV.  Arc Flash Safety Practices

V.  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Electrical Safety

VI. Equipment and Tools

VII. Electrical Preventive Maintenance

VIII. Special Environment and Equipment (only as applicable to students)