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Lockout for Management

1/2 Day Class for Lockout Program Management

On-Site Training

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Lockout for Management

This class is designed for EHS and other management that need to learn the most effective way to manage their lockout program.

Implementing complete and effective Lockout programs is one of the biggest challenges that plants and facilities face in their safety programs. Understanding the program requirements can be complex, and implementing them can be time-consuming and costly. This workshop for management is designed to help build a road map for successfully implementing and managing lockout programs. By the end of the workshop, managers will have a clear vision of the steps they need to take in order to implement their program, how to prioritize the steps, and how to make the program stick.

About Us

Martin Technical is a provider of industrial safety, training and consulting services that make facilities better, safer and more efficient.  Our subject matter experts combine their real-world work experiences of the past with today’s best practices and technologies to provide our customers reliable solutions and information.

And because all our experts have in-field experience, we understand the difference between theory and application and can translate today’s complex problems into simple solutions that can be implemented tomorrow.

About Our Customers

Our customers represent a broad spectrum, big and small, and we have provided services for virtually every type of company, plant or facility, including:

  • Manufacturing Plants
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  • R&D Facilities
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  • Airports
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  • Commercial Buildings



  • Lockout Program Requirements
  • Common Problems with Lockout Programs
  • Building a Lockout Culture
  • Components of a Written Program
  • Developing Lockout Procedures
  • Interlock & Alternative Procedures
  • Creating & Selecting Padlock & Lockout Devices
  • Contractor Management
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Change Management for Lockout
  • Performing Lockout Program Evaluations