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Safety Qualified Authorized Person Lockout Training

½ Day Class for Authorized Persons

On-Site Training

Bring this training to your location !


Lockout for Authorized Person

Available in Spanish 

This Lockout for Authorized Person Training is the most in-depth training in the industry and is designed to give those who lockout machines out the information they need to safely and effectively perform lockout on their equipment.  Students will gain an understanding of Lockout codes, requirements, and best practices, and will leave with an understanding of the power of performing lockout the right way vs. the wrong way.


  • About Lockout
  • Why Lockout is Important
  • When to Apply Lockout
  • Interlock vs. Lockout
  • Why Lockout Accidents Happen
  • Roles in Lockout
  • Identifying Lockout Energy Sources
  • Lockout Programs & Procedures
  • Lockout Steps & Application
  • Padlocks & Lockout Devices
  • Group Lockout
  • Shift & Personnel Change
  • Testing & Adjusting Machines
  • Contractor Management
  • Change Management
  • Summary