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Chicago-Area Metal Plating Company fined $157,000

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Cicrero, IL – Electronic Plating Co. has been fined more than $157,000 for numerous safety and health violations. An OSHA inspection of the metal plating company in the west suburban Chicago area resulted in one willful, eight repeat, eight serious, and one-other-than serious violation. These included exposing workers to dangerousmetal plating fined metals, and machinery and live electrical hazards.

OSHA found the following violations: lack of personal protective equipment for metal and other hazardous chemical exposure; electrical safety hazards; inadequate worker training on hazardous chemicals; workers exposed to operating mechanical and electrical parts because equipment lacked guards; among others.

Unfortunately, Electronic Plating Co. was found to be in violation of eight of the same violations in 2011, triggering the repeat violation categorization.

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