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Electrical Engineering & Power Studies

for Industrial Plants and Commercial Facilities

Increase Uptime, Efficiency and Safety with Electrical Engineering Studies

Martin Technical’s team of electrical field technicians and electrical engineers provide a focused and systematic approach to solving complex power system problems to increase your plant or facility uptime, efficiency and safety.

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Electrical Engineering & Power Study Services

Our Power Systems Engineering services focus on the electrical distribution of commercial and industrial plants and facilities to help ensure a safe and efficient power distribution system.

We go beyond identifying the problem or cause of equipment failure and take a holistic approach to keep your equipment running efficiently with recommended solutions and services to repair, install and commission the equipment.

Arc Flash Risk Assessment

An Arc Flash Risk Assessment determines the thermal incident energy found at each location where electrical work may be performed. It provides the arc flash boundaries and what personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used based on the incident energy at each location.
Learn More: Arc Flash Risk Assessment & Labeling

Short Circuit Study

Short Circuit (Fault Current) studies are required by NEC to insure that existing and new equipment ratings are adequate to withstand the available short circuit energy available at each point in the electrical system. IEEE 242-1986 is used to determine if fault currents exceed equipment ratings which are capable of extensive equipment damage and are a serious threat to human life.

Protective Device Coordination Study

Protective Device Coordination studies are required to ensure the safety including personnel and general public and to ensure that equipment is not damaged under fault conditions per the requirements of NEC 110-10. The study includes determining the fault clearing times and coordination of upstream electrical protective devices. Proper coordination and fault clearing times can help reduce damage to electrical equipment and protect workers from hazards

Short Circuit Current Rating SCCR

Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) is required by NEC for all components and assemblies. This rating represents the maximum level of short-circuit current that a component or assembly can withstand.

Electrical Safety Mitigation Design

Electrical system design to mitigate the incident energy of arc flash and to meet the safety requirements set forth in NEC codes and other standards.

Lightning System Protection Design

Based on NFPA 780, this design for lightning protection systems meets the requirements to safeguard people and property from fire risk and related hazards associated with lightning exposure.

Power Quality Audit

The analysis of “Power Quality” evaluates the electrical energy going to equipment in the form that will allow the system to operate properly, efficiently and minimize long term risk to that equipment. Proper power quality maintains control over process automation equipment, digital controls, and motor drives. Poor voltage waveforms can lead to unnecessary and costly disruptions for electronically controlled equipment. The need for proper Power Quality has also become increasingly important for companies interested in energy conservation and continuous control.

Load Flow Analysis

The Power Flow or Load Flow Analysis is a fundamental analysis module for demand evaluation, power flow analysis, losses, power factor correction, and voltage drop calculations.

Motor Starting Analysis

Starting large motors can cause voltage dips in the motor as well and other disturbances for other electrical equipment. If the voltage drop is significant enough, the motor may stall and life of the motor shortened. Studies are conducted when the motor’s horsepower exceeds 30% of the supply transformers base kVA rating or 10% – 15% if a generator supplies the motor.

Grounding Study

A grounding system analysis or study is the evaluation of the grounding system in meeting its design objectives of having all equipment properly grounded to prevent shock to personnel.

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