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CT Foundry Fined for Electrical Safety Failures

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electrical safetyGroton, CT – PCC Structurals has been cited for numerous serious violations of federal electrical safety standards. The metal-castings manufacturer, creator of steel components for the aerospace, energy industries, and commercial ventures, faces more than $100,000 total in fines from two OSHA investigations in the first quarter of 2016.

Inspectors identified hazards including a lack of protection for workers around electrical equipment, exposed live electrical parts, lack of emergency eyewashes, inadequate safety glasses, flammable liquids improperly stored, and unsecured compressed gas containers. Not everyone is confident to buy electrical parts through sites like Octopart and have a go at fixing electrical issues. With that being said, there is always an option to leave it to the professionals, who can get this done in the safest way possible.

As noted by OSHA, these types of workplace hazards can lead to fires, explosions, amputations, hearing loss, and other employee endangering industrial accidents.

Martin Technical could save you hundreds of hours developing an Electrical Safety Program & Plan. With an extensive background in electrical safety and training, our experts can recommend detailed topics and language specific to your facility that should be included in your Electrical Safety Program. Contact an expert on our Safety & Compliance Team today.

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