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Hearing Conservation Testing

Audiometric Testing & Training Services

Fast and Convenient Hearing Conservation Testing at Your Location

One of the biggest occupational health issues is noise exposure. Many industrial processes produce noises on various levels, and being around these noises for extended periods may cause hearing loss and other harmful health effects. The longer your employees experience exposure to high noise levels, the more at risk they are of losing their hearing permanently.

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Hearing Conservation Testing & Training

Mobile Hearing & Audiometric Testing

Employers must provide baseline audiograms within 6 months of an employee’s first exposure at or above an 8-hour TWA of 85 dB.

Our mobile audiometric testing services eliminate the need to send workers off-site for testing services. Having an audiometric testing booth arrive at your site will reduce downtime and maintain high productivity while keeping your employees safe.

Our program features:

  • Mobile Hearing Conservation Testing
  • CAOHC Certified Technician(s)
  • Third Party Record Keeping

Hearing Conservation Training

Workers who understand the reasons for the hearing conservation programs and the need to protect their hearing will be more motivated to wear their protectors and take audiometric tests. Employers must train employees exposed to TWAs of 85 dB and above at least annually in the effects of noise; the purpose, advantages, and disadvantages of various types of hearing protectors; the selection, fit, and care of protectors; and the purpose and procedures of audiometric testing. The training program may be structured in any format, with different portions conducted by different individuals and at different times, as long as the required topics are covered.

Noise Assessments

We provide Noise Assessments to evaluate the level of noise your workers experience throughout the day while performing tasks in different areas of your plant or facility.  A trained technician will attach a noise monitoring devices to workers as well as set fixed noise monitors in areas to determine what tasks and areas will require hearing protection.

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