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OSHA Noise Level Survey

Gain Insights to Your Noise Levels and Worker Exposure with Noise Assessment Testing

One of the biggest occupational health issues is noise exposure. Many industrial processes produce noises on various levels, and being around these noises for extended periods may cause hearing loss and other harmful health effects. The longer your employees experience exposure to high noise levels, the more at risk they are of losing their hearing permanently.

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Noise Level Assessments & Surveys

Noise Assessments

Noise monitoring is the base of a hearing conservation program by identifying hazardous noise sources and employee potential exposure. A thorough noise level study provides the necessary data to ensure your employees’ hearing is adequately protected, and your safety program is compliant with mandatory hearing conservation regulations.

Our Noise Assessments evaluate the level of noise your workers experience throughout the day while performing tasks in different areas of your plant or facility.  A trained technician will attach a noise monitoring devices to workers as well as set fixed noise monitors in areas to determine what tasks and areas will require hearing protection.

Service Features:

  • Task-based and area-based noise assessments
  • Noise level survey report with noise map recommendations

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