Lockout Audit & Evaluation Services

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Lockout Audit & Evaluation Programs

Martin Technical Lockout Audit and Evaluation Programs are designed to help our clients identify and fill gaps in their current program.  Evaluations cover 10 topics and over 100 investigation points through observation of work processes, documentation and administration of your program.  Once completed, a written report is provided containing compliance status, code references for the deficiencies, and recommended corrective actions and best practices.


Annual Lockout Program Audits

OSHA requires that lockout programs be audited periodically, and on at least an annual basis.  The audit requires a review of the following areas to identify any deficiencies and ensure both compliance and a safe work environment.

  1. Review of equipment or machine specific lockout procedures, and that each procedure accurately reflects the equipment’s energy sources.
  2. Authorized Employee audit of lockout work procedures and processes.
  3. Review of Written lockout policy.

Performing annual lockout audits can be a daunting task without the right knowledge and right tools.  Martin Technical offers three Annual Lockout Program Audits:

  1. On Site Audits Performed by a subject matter lockout expert.
    Audits typically take 2 days.
  2. Rapid LOTO Audit Apprapid loto lockout audit software
    Martin Technical’s Rapid LOTO app is an award winning self-auditing tool for periodic lockout inspections.  The app takes customers through each step of their program and provides a variety of reports and tools for improving their lockout program.
  3. Customize Auditing Programs
    Martin Technical offers a variety of hybrid programs that can include software, apps, live inspections, training and online information to create an audit program that best meets your needs.
lockout audit services


Annual Lockout Audits are 1 of 5 Steps for implementing a Lockout Program.

  1. Equipment Specific Lockout Written Procedures
  2. Lockout Training
  3. Padlocks and Devices
  4. Periodic / Annual Audits
  5. Written Lockout Policy

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