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Machine Safety Services

Developing a World-Class Machine Safety Program Starts Here

Our team of machine safety specialists combine the talents of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, maintenance professionals and safety professionals from the US and Europe to provide our customers with optimal solutions.

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Protecting Employees with Machine Safety Procedures

While machines must be safe to use, they must also not hinder production or reduce the capacity of the machine. Because we have multi-functional teams, we look at safety not just from an engineering perspective, but also from a production line and maintenance perspective, giving our customers the best combination of safety and efficiency.

Machine Safety Inspections & Design

Inspection of machinery is based on the grounds that the machine must be safe to use and machinery and equipment must be maintained in good and safe working condition.

We are very aware of that safety solutions must not hinder production or reduce the capacity of the machine and the like. Inspection of machinery includes mechanical parts, including safety switches, emergency stops and guards, etc. Electrical components may also be examined by prior arrangement.

During the inspection each individual machine is registered. Defects are detected and recorded, photos taking and safety hazard discussed with the staff involved so we attain agreement on suggested solution. After the inspection we prepare a report outlining the various deficiencies including photo documentation and a description of necessary changes. The report is in most cases used as the foundation for the staff who must implement the safety related solutions.

Typical Safety Inspection Involves:

  • Confirmed Expectation of the Assignment and Scope
  • Staff Participation Outline
  • Full Inspection done with Clients’ Staff
  • Implementation of Report Items
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Machine Safety Training

We provide customized and open enrollment training, including topics such as:

  • CE Marking
  • How to Design a Safe Machine
  • Safety Circuits & Interlocks
  • Lockout for Machine Safety
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CE Marking

Our US team supported by our European team assist manufacturers of machinery with the CE mark and meeting European standards. We do the risk assessment, safety validation, EC Declaration of Conformity and suggest safeguarding solutions. We ensure that the machinery complies with the essential Health and Safety at Work requirements.

Alternative Methods / Measures Information

Alternative methods or measures are used in routine and integral production tasks where efficiencies can be increased while still maintaining a safe work environment without performing lockout.

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