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Martin Technical Welcomes Emilee Trask as Operations Manager

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Louisville, CO – October 26, 2022

Martin Technical, Inc. is pleased to announce the hiring of Emilee Trask as Operations Manager. With more than 15 years of experience in operational services, Trask is a wealth of knowledge and a respected professional in the industry.

“Emilee brings proven leadership with operational experience and expertise that will allow Martin Technical to continue to flourish and grow towards reaching our short- and long-term goals.  Her mindset and approach align clearly with where Martin Technical currently is and where we plan to be.  Emilee will have an exceptionally positive impact on our company, our customers, and our teams to provide long-term success for all.” Says Donny Snyder, Chief Operating Officer at Martin Technical.

As Operations Manager for Martin Technical Emilee’s key responsibilities will be to oversee business operational systems, processes, and infrastructure while looking for opportunities for improvement.

Referring to her joining Martin Technical, Emilee states, “With a long track record in startup culture, growing revenue, allocating resources, and streamlining company objectives, I am here to help keep our departments smiling while we grow to our greatest potential.”

To contact Emilee Trask, please email EmileeT@MarTechnical.com or call (720) 503-8709.

About Martin Technical / Safety Hive

Martin Technical is a privately held safety solutions company whose mission is to improve workforce safety by providing reliable and trusted solutions to employees who care about the greater good.  We are experts in providing practical safety and efficiency services that make plants and facilities better, safer, and more efficient. Martin Technical safety services include engineering, inspection, implementation, consulting, and training services.  Safety Hive, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Martin Technical is a Safety Technology Solution and Software Provider that digitizes and automates safety to help predict and prevent workplace safety incidents through technology and data.

To learn more, please visit www.MarTechnical.com, www.SafetyHive.com,  call 866-234-6890, or email info@MarTechnical.com.

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