Infrared Inspection

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Aerial Infrared (IR) Inspection Service for Power Lines

Power line & utility infrared inspection services are designed to locate potential electrical problems and assist utilities with eliminating failures in the transmission, distribution, and substation systems. The use of aerial thermography cameras for power line infrared inspection provides the fastest and most accurate method of survey. We’ve partnered with Hot Shots IR to bring the most advanced and efficient infrared inspection services for power lines in the industry. Our aerial thermographers are certified technicians, trained to interpret the complex data compiled during a typical survey. The combination of an experienced team along with enhanced high-resolution equipment allows us to locate potential problems quickly and accurately.



Our infrared technicians and aerial mounted camera system are deployed using a rented helicopter local to your area in order to minimize costs. The flight path is determined through consultation and based on your needs.

We use the FLIR Systems 2000 series infrared camera, which is remotely controlled and has a thermal resolution of 1/10°F, and a pictorial resolution of 525 lines per frame (560 CCIR) with 352 elements per line (428 CCIR). It utilizes a Mercury, Cadmium, Telluride (HgDcTe) 2×4 TDI detector array with an IR Special bandwidth of 8 – 12 microns. This camera renders an image of an object’s thermal emissions in shades of black to white . . . white representing hot and black depicting cold. The data is then digitally recorded for processing. The FLIR 2000, mounted externally on the helicopter, is remotely controlled by the thermographer inside the cabin. LCRS rate stabilization assists the Thermographer in manual target tracking by dampening the effects of aircraft motion.

Advantages of using our aerial mounted infrared camera include:

  1. Increased safety due to further distance from the lines than the typical handheld camera inspection.
  2. An optical zoom lens allows us to acquire high resolution close up images  (not just a blown-up digital image )
  3. Mobility of the mounted unit and zoom lens means we fly faster than the typical infrared survey out of the window.  Flight speeds average 45 knots and this saves you valuable helicopter dollars!!
  4. We find more problems than typical handheld IR surveys because we have over 10,000 hours of aerial power line inspection experience, certified thermographers, and the right equipment for the job.


Above – a bolted clamp connection at the jumper.
Analysis revealed a temperature rise of 52°C above the conductor


Our infrared (thermal) reports are concise and to the point, making anomaly locations easy to determine and facilitate repairs. Your report will include:

  • A detailed easy-to-read inspection report includes:
    1. A written narrative of the survey
    2. Report form for every anomaly detected during the inspection
    3. Infrared DVD video of the entire inspection
    4. Hard copy and electronic version of the entire report
  • A report sheet accompanies each problem which includes:
    1. Digital visible light photograph, color thermogram, and black/white thermogram images
    2. Complete temperature analysis of the anomaly utilizing ambient temperature or conductor temperature for comparison
    3. GPS locations of the anomalies
    4. Infrared data

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