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Electrical Testing and Reliability Services

Maximize your Uptime and Increase Safety

Trust the experts at Martin Technical for your electrical testing and reliability needs. Our team of experienced engineers and field technicians provide best-in-class services on a national basis to help improve the efficiency and health of your electrical distribution systems to increase safety and maximize uptime.

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Electrical Infrared Inspections

A Thermographic Infrared Inspection should be conducted every 6-12 months to analyze electrical equipment in order to pinpoint defective or damaged components and elevated temperatures within your power distribution system that left untreated can cause potential fire, explosion, or electrical service interruption threats.
Electrical Infrared (IR) Inspections : Service Details

Ultrasonic Inspection

Ultrasonic testing uses non-destructive ultrasound technology to identify high frequency sounds related to electrical discharges resulting from the ionization of arcing, tracking and corona. that left untreated can cause potential fire, explosion, or electrical service interruptions.
Airborne Ultrasonic Testing for Electrical Systems : Service Details

Switchgear Maintenance and Testing

Switchgear power systems are very reliable, but because of this they also can be the most overlooked part of electrical distribution system maintenance. Testing should be completed every 3-5 years to identify problems in the switchgear before a fault happens which can lead to complete power outages and damage to the switchgear.
Switchgear Maintenance & Testing : Service Details

Circuit Breaker Testing

Circuit breakers help ensure the safety and reliability of electrical distribution systems in all facility types. Low-voltage (LV) circuit breakers need checking to ensure safety, continuity of electrical power supply and to meet compliance during the entire lifecycle.

Relay Testing & Calibration

Relays are the first line of defense when trouble occurs on the power system. Periodical cleaning, testing and calibration of relay settings should be done at least every two years to ensure protection from catastrophic damages to electrical equipment and increase safety for the workforce.

Transformer Oil Analysis Testing

Performing routine transformer oil/fluid analysis is the most effective, cost-efficient tool used to identify problems early, maximizing the life expectancy of your critical assets while avoiding costly outages. Martin Technical performs transformer oil test and analysis in accordance with ASTM Standard Test Procedures and diagnostic recommendations based on IEEE Standard guidelines.

Lightning Protection Certification & Repair

Based on UL 96A & LPI-175 certifications, our Lightning Protection Certification & Repair programs incorporates nationally and internationally recognized standards to protect facilities and plants from the harmful effects of lightning and transient currents. Inspections should be done annually with Master Labels updated every 5 years.
Lightning Protection Certification: Service Details

Ground Testing & Inspection

Ground testing is the verification of the resistance between your grounding system and earth to ensure safety of your electrical distribution system. Equipment is tested for grounding according to The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standard 81 Guide for Measuring Earth Resistivity, Ground Impedance, and Earth Surface Potentials of a Grounding System. The service and testing of your electrical switchgear equipment in strict accordance with your specifications and the guidelines of the National Electrical Testing Association (NETA) Maintenance Testing Standard (MTS), as well as the specific manufacturer’s specifications.

Battery & UPS Testing

Up to 65% of UPS failures are battery related. Maximize Uptime and Maintain Business Continuity with scheduled battery inspection, maintenance and testing. There are a variety of common battery tests including impedance testing and discharge testing, more commonly known as load bank testing that can help ensure the continuity of service.

Motor Testing

Motor testing increases uptime, reduces energy costs and increases safety. Testing can reveal hidden problems and prevent unnecessary failure. Specific to electric motors, motor testing evaluates static parameters like insulation, wire damage and electrical current leakage, as well as more dynamic parameters such as distortion, temperature fluctuations and balance.

Assessments & Gap Analysis

Performing Assessments and Gap Analysis of Electrical Maintenance based on NFPA 70B, Predictive and Preventive Maintenance, and Reliability Centered Maintenance provides companies with a guide to decrease maintenance costs and improve reliability and safety.
Electrical Safety Inspections & Audits: Service Details

Reliability Consulting

Reliability performance is achieved by bringing work processes, the workforce, technology, and culture together. Our team can develop and implement a program that meets production, performance, safety and compliance needs of all stakeholders.
Reliability Centered Maintenance for Electrical Systems: Service Details

Preventive Maintenance Optimization PMO

PM optimization (or PMO) is the process of making sure preventive maintenance is handled as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our team can help build a program that ensures electrical maintenance is performed correctly, completed at proper intervals, and targeted at the correct assets and parts.

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One of our professional electrical consultants can evaluate how we can help start improving your electrical distribution system.
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