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Lack of Machine Safety Costs Austin Worker’s Hand

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Austin, TX – Austin-based nutritional supplement maker Genesis Today Inc., faces potential fines of $56,000 for not having the proper safeguards in place to protect workers from getting body parts caught in a machine. Additionally, Texas Management Division Inc., which provided Genesis Today with temporary workers, could also face a $7,000 penalty for not ensuring that moving machine parts were properly guarded to prevent serious injuries. To ensure that workers are not injured, then companies much provide things like way covers and bellows (like the ones available at dynatect.com) to help protect people whilst the machines are moving.

OSHA announced the proposed penalties and citations on Nov. 9 following an iproper safeguards chia seedsnspection initiated in May after an incident that resulted in a worker’s hand being caught in a machine and amputated. OSHA representatives were careful to say that temporary workers face the same hazards as full-time workers and must be protected and properly trained, and that the “host employer and the staffing agency are both responsible for keeping their workers safe.”

The incident at Genesis occurred when the worker fainted and fell into a machine that shells chia seeds. His hand became caught in a corkscrew apparatus at the bottom of the machine that moves the shelled seeds further down the production line. There should have been a guard on the machine to prevent anything from falling in.

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