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Seattle Without Power as 3 Workers Injured in Arc Flash

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SEATTLE, WA — Three Seattle City Light workers injured in an arc flash accident Weds July 8, 2015 were hospitalized. The arc flash caused a power outage affecting nearly 10,000 customers.

A construction crew was working to install a ground rod inside the East Pine Substation when their equipment caused an electric arc from an underground power line.

One worker fell 20 feet from a ladder and suffered a burn caused by the arc flash. The second and third City Light employees were also hospitalized with cuts and contusions. No one was shocked, but they were thrown back by the concussion produced by the arc flash.

Seattle customers without power were on Capitol Hill, the Madrona and Maidson Park neighborhoods were also affected, and scattered outages were reported around the Yesler Terrace and First Hill neighborhoods. All power was restored around 3:30 p.m.

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