Switchgear Maintenance & Testing


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Switchgear maintenance and testing services


Martin Technical provides comprehensive Switchgear Testing & Maintenance services as part of our Electrical Testing and Services. We perform Switchgear Testing for industrial plants, commercial facilities and municipal power stations on a nationwide basis.



Purpose of Switchgear Preventive Maintenance & Testing

While plants and facilities often invest heavily in mechanical and production equipment maintenance, the electrical distribution system is sometimes ignored, resulting in a faulty electrical system that can put an entire plant out of operation due to an arc flash, blown bus bar, circuit breaker melt down, or a fire.  The results are tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in down time and equipment repairs as well as exposing the workforce to the hazards caused by the faults.

Along with infrared inspections, Switchgear Maintenance and Testing helps prevent the unexpected break-down of your electrical distribution equipment resulting in more up time, lower overall costs of operation and increased workplace safety.

Maintenance & Testing Services

Service and testing of electrical switchgear equipment is completed by qualified technicians and in strict accordance with your specifications, the guidelines of the National Electrical Testing Association (NETA) Maintenance Testing Standard (MTS) 2011 Revision, as well as the specific manufacturer’s specifications.

The services completed include:

  • Inspect alignment, groundings, and connections.
  • Cleaning, Lubrication & Electrical Resistance Testing of bolted pressure switches designated as service mains or feeder circuit mains.
  • Inspect electrical and mechanical parts for signs of moisture, corrosion or damage.
  • Torque of Mechanical points to manufacturer specifications.
  • Protective Relay and Circuit Breakers testing.
  • Ground fault detection and resistance testing.
  • Insulation resistance testing.
  • Inspect current and voltage ratings to ensure that they are in line with manufacturer’s standards.
  • Inspect electrical connections for high resistance.

Deliverables include:

  • A comprehensive report of test findings will be delivered subsequent to the switchgear service. Any over-current devices that test outside of the manufacturer’s published trip curves will be identified for replacement.
  • Replacement of switchgear breakers as needed.


Switchgear Safety & Operation Training can be provided for those who interact with the switchgear.

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