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Electrocution and Amputation Risks Net $77K in OSHA Fines for OH Metal Stamper

Pioneer, OH – After finding numerous electrical and machine safety hazards at NN Metal Stampings Inc, OSHA has fined the southwestern Ohio firm close to $80,000 for electrocution and amputation risks. Fines have been proposed to address the amputation risks that the agency said employees faced while using mechanical presses, as well as when changing…

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Chicago-Area Metal Plating Company fined $157,000

Cicrero, IL – Electronic Plating Co. has been fined more than $157,000 for numerous safety and health violations. An OSHA inspection of the metal plating company in the west suburban Chicago area resulted in one willful, eight repeat, eight serious, and one-other-than serious violation. These included exposing workers to dangerous metals, and machinery and live electrical hazards. OSHA found…

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