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Arc Flash Hospitalizes 3 Chicago Transit Workers

Chicago, IL – An electrical arc flash blew the panel off a transformer in downtown Chicago last week, injuring three Chicago Transit Authority maintenance workers and leaving hundreds in the area without power. The arc flash relayed to a transformer, sparking a flash fire at an electrical substation near the intersection of North State and East Lake…

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NZ Electrical Worker Survives Arc Flash Accident

Wellington, New Zealand – An electric utility worker in New Zealand has been awarded more than $85,000 in compensation after suffering serious burns in an electrical arc flash while working at a Wellington substation in 2014. The heat of the arc flash was so severe that the man’s pants melted on his legs. The electrical accident occurred…

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2 Men Killed in Confined Space Accident in NC

Goldsboro, NC – Two employees of SPX Transformer Solutions in Goldsboro died in an industrial accident Monday and a third worker has been hospitalized. An employee was working inside a large transformer and became unresponsive, two other employees entered the transformer to help and they both became unresponsive. Their injuries are believed to have been caused by a confined space…

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