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PA Worker Killed in Industrial Meat Grinder

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Muncy, PA – Economy Locker Storage Co. was the site of an employee death earlier this week. Jill Greninger (35) was killed when she reached into the industrial meat grinder she was operating, then either fell in or was pulled into the machine.

Greninger woman was reported to have been operating the machine while on a rolling ladder or set of wheeled stairs some 6 feet off the ground. There were no witnesses to this horrific industrial accident, leaving safety personnel unsure of whether she lost her balance and fell or was pulled into the commercial meat grinder.

A fellow employee found Greninger in the grinder and called for help, but tragically she was dead when local authorities arrived at the Economy Locker Storage facility. Firefighters reportedly spent 45 minutes dissembling the machine before they could extract the worker’s body.industrial meat grinder

In a statement from the local coroner, Charles Kiessling Jr. said “This is just a tragedy…She died inside the moving parts of the machine.”

OSHA is investigating the cause of this industrial accident.

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