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Bluebonnet Foods Faces $104K in Fines

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bluebonnet lockout hazardous energySan Antonio, TX – Bluebonnet Foods is facing serious fines following an OSHA investigation that uncovered 21 serious violations, including violations of hazardous energy control. Fines for the San Antonio food business could total $104,000.

OSHA cited Bluebonnet for several electrical, amputation, struck-by and chemical hazard infractions. Investigators determined that Bluebonnet failed to establish procedures for control of hazardous energy sources (known as Lockout/Tagout); install of emergency eyewash stations, provide protective equipment (PPE); provide safety data sheets; and failure to provide effective training on chemicals used.

Bluebonnet Foods makes slow-roasted, fried and grilled meats for retail and food industries under the name Good Heart Specialty Foods.

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