Fall Protection Training

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PURPOSE OF TRAININGFall protection training

Preventing falls can mean the difference between life and death and is annually one of the top 5 citations by OSHA. Hundreds of workers die from falls each year. You can help prevent such deaths by planning to get the job done safely, providing the right fall protection equipment, and training all workers to use the equipment safely.


Fall Protection Authorized Person Training – 1/2 Day

This course offers an awareness of the issues involved with fall protection and is designed for individuals working at height.  The training focus is on best practices in fall protection and the need to protect workers at heights.  OSHA regulations and industry standards that govern fall protection are discussed along with the components of a fall protection system including body support, anchorages, connectors and rescue.

Fall Protection Competent Person Training – 2 Days

The Competent Person training is for those that are responsible for the supervision, implementation, and monitoring of a managed fall protection program. This course is based on OSHA regulations as well as ANSI Z359.2 standard and includes lectures, videos as well as fall protection equipment with hands-on workshops that provide real world application to common fall hazards.

Fall Protection Competent Person Train the Trainer – 4 Days

The Competent Train the Trainer course is designed to provide the technical information and instruction methods for those that need to teach authorized and competent fall protection courses for your company.  Instruction is based on the requirements of the OSHA regulations and the ANSI Z359.2 standard.


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