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Fines for Lockout Failures at GA Auto Parts Plant

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Thomson, GA – OSHA has proposed a total of $704,610 in penalties for a series of safety violations (including lockout/tagout failures) at an auto parts manufacturer in Thomson (GA). HP Pelzer Automotive Systems was inspected in March 2016 Inc and staffing company Sizemore Inc is also being fined by OSHA for their role in continued violations at the Georgia manufacturer of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Fiat-Chrysler, Subaru and General Motors parts.

Staffing agency Sizemore Inc. had approximately 300 temporary employees assigned to work at the HP Pelzer facility at the time of the OSHA inspection.

HP Pelzer was cited for eight serious violations for exposing workers to fall hazards, not providing electrical protective equipment and failing to train lockout auto partsworkers about electrical hazards related to their activities.

OSHA issued 12 repeated citations to HP Pelzer for failures to develop, implement and utilize written procedures to prevent machinery from starting-up during maintenance or servicing. These types of procedures are know as Lockout/Tagout. Federal regulations mandate that each piece of equipment have specific lockout procedures written with detailed instructions on how to isolate and lock each energy source for a given piece of equipment. Lockout/Tagout procedures help to prevent the unexpected energization or startup of machinery and equipment during service or maintenance activities.

Additionally, OSHA found HP Pelzer had failed to conduct periodic inspections of the energy control procedures, train employees performing work on hazardous energy sources, ensure the repair or replacement of electrical equipment for safe operational condition, and protect workers from laceration and amputation hazards due to unguarded machine parts.

Sizemore Inc was issued four serious citations for exposing workers to fall hazards, not providing training on hazardous energy sources, exposing employees to amputation, laceration and electrical live parts.

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