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Stampcoat Facing $119K in OSHA Fines

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El Paso, TX – OSHA has uncovered 33 different types of violations at Stampcoat, Inc. (operating as El Paso Tool and Die). OSHA was alerted to safety concerns at the facility following reports of employees losing fingers due to improperly protected equipment. Fines from the safety violations uncovered total $119,000.

The investigation was prompted when an employee had his index and middle finger crushed, and part of his ring finger amputated by a machine without proper protection in place. Later, while OSHA was conducting the investigation between March and May of this year, another employee had the tip of his thumb sheared off in another incident.

Safety violations were found on many of the plant’s machines, including a lack of employee protections, lax controls and protections for when the machines were being worked on (Lockout/Tagout), improper hearing protection requirements, and forklift issues among others.

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