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Lockout & Machine Safety Hazards Cost Steel Plant $280K

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Canton, OH – OSHA has proposed fines of $279,578 for lockout and machine safety hazards found at the Republic Steel plant following an investigation prlockoutompted by an employee injury. Federal investigators determined that Republic failed to install locking devices on machine operating parts, and documented two repeated and five serious safety and health violations.

Last December, a 64-year-old worker suffered a broken pelvis after being struck by an unguarded and energized piece of equipment during maintenance. OSHA officials said the worker was injured after being struck by a sail (a large clamp that holds a steel billet) because machines didn’t have lockout devices that stop operation when maintenance is being performed.

Just eight days later, OSHA began a second investigation after workers complained about lead exposure. Investigators documented seven incidents of lead overexposure in the facility.

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