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Lockout Tagout Training Programs

based on OSHA 1910.147

Keep Your Workforce Safe and Compliant with Lockout Tagout Training

Martin Technical provides Authorized Person Safety Qualified™ , Safety Qualified™ Lockout Champion,  Train-The-Trainer, and Lockout for Management training programs that help ensure that the purpose and function of the energy control program are understood by employees.

In addition to training, your lockout expert will be able to consult with you and answer any questions that you have about your lockout program.

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Lockout Tagout Training

Developed by the lockout tagout experts at Martin Technical, our courses are based on OSHA 1910.147, ANSI Z244.1 and Industry Best Practices along with decades of lockout tagout procedure development procedures. Learn from the industry experts to make your workplace better, safer and more efficient.


We offer a full range of lockout tagout training programs to educate and guide at all levels of your lockout tagout program.

All courses can be customized to your needs.

Hands-On Workshops

Safety Qualified™ field observation and demonstration of knowledge includes taking students to equipment in the field to validate what they have learned. Students will be asked to identify all the hazardous energies on a machine, stored pressure sources and the proper way to shut down the machine, including using or filling out any permits or paperwork. Equipment will not be physically shut-down and locked-out, but rather going through the steps on paper.

Field observation can also include proper selection and use of lockout devices or other tasks as needed.

In addition to or as a substitution for field observations, the Martin Technical Hands-on Lockout Tagout Training Kit can be used for observation and demonstration in the classroom.

Lockout Tagout Training Kit

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CEUs and Certification

After completion of this course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion and .1 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for each hour of class.

Training certificate CEUs

All training certificates will be stored by Martin Technical for future reference, validation and 3rd party documentation.

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