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Lack of Machine Safety Training Cited Among OH Stamper’s Over $200K Fines

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Maumee, OH – Reports of two employee injuries at the Maumee Assembly & Stamping facility have resulted in $211,857 in fines for 10 workplace safety violations. Lack of machine safety training was one of the failures noted at the stamping plant located outside of Toledo. Law firms that specialise in workplace injuries for particularly dangerous fields, like these oil field injury attorneys, are some of the most sought after in the world. This is why it’s so important that safety measures are put in place to protect both employees and employers.

The nine serious violations and one willful violation included hazardsmachine safety training created by improper stacking or storage of parts that could shift and fall and hurt employees working nearby, failure to protect employees from injury on machines, failure to have a program of regular inspections of equipment, and failure to train workers on machine safety.

Worker safety should be the most important part of any construction company or a company that works with heavy machinery, live electricity and other things that could be hazardous to human health. I know someone who asks their employees to do a Work health and safety course Melbourne to give him peace of mind that everyone is operating safely and carefully. The safety of staff is always paramount, especially in a construction business. Poorly trained staff or a relaxed attitude towards the safety of themselves and others could have catastrophic consequences for all involved. It could end in serious harm or even result in the loss of life. For this reason, expertly trained staff is vital to maintaining a safe work environment. In addition to that, first aid trained staff should also be available in case of an accident on site. Basic First Aid, CPR, and AED training are often available to staff members who work in high-risk jobs. These courses offer training in topics such as how to maintain AED equipment such as the replacement pads for the ZOLL AED Plus device and other types of AEDs, understanding the basics of CPR and First Aid procedures such as what to do should an employee falls from a high place or stop breathing.

The first injury at Maumee Assembly & Stamping occurred in January when an employee sustained a severe ankle injury when metal blanks shifted and slid off a table because of unstable stacking. It was at this point that employees should have contacted a whistleblower attorney and blown the whistle on their company and it’s poor standards. However, they didn’t and there was another accident. The second accident OSHA became aware of occurred in March when an employee’s thumb was crushed in between a shaker table and the die.

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