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OSHA Fines for Amputation at PA Metal Facility

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Ridgway, PA – Clarion Sintered Metals Inc. has been assessed a total of $74,000 in fines by OSHA after an employee was injured operating a stationary compactor, resulting in the loss of a limb. OSHA found that Clarion’s powdered metal presses provided inadequate guards at and below the point of operation, as well as behind the powdered metal presses.inadequate guards metal press

In the OSHA report dated Nov. 3, an investigation from May 12 stated “an employee suffered an injury at the compactor area while the ram was cycling. At the time of the incident, the only E-stop available was located approximately 103 inches (8.58 feet) from the edge of the material feed area. The employee suffered severe crushing/struck by injuries to their right leg which then resulted in an amputation.”

Additionally, no warning signs were visible in or around the compactor, and no lockout-tagout procedures had been developed and posted for equipment specific lockout/tagout. OSHA found several violations related to the energy control procedures of specific pieces of machinery within the plant.

In separate OSHA two inspections, Clarion faces fines of up $74,000 for 37 violations.

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