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Safety Violations at AL Auto Parts Plant Net $172K in Fines

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Valley, AL – OSHA has proposed penalties in the amount of $171,870 for violations found at Daeil USA Corp, an automobile parts manufacturer located in Valley, AL.

In an investigation, OSHA reported conditions that have created a hazardous working environment for employees of the facility. Daeil was cited for a host of violations including five repeat offenses, ten serious, and one other than serious safety violatiofatal robot accident violationsn at the Valley facility.

OSHA cited Daeil for repeated failures to provide locks to secure robots from accidental activation during maintenance and servicing, ensuring protective screens and shields were in place during welding, and not ensuring that conveyor line stop buttons were colored red. In 2013, Daeil was cited for similar infractions.

Suggested improvements largely focused on enhancing employee safety. For example, it was suggested that the firm could invest in OSHA approved welding jackets for employees involved in metalwork and welding tasks.

The facility in Valley, AL manufactures struts and some other automobile parts for Hyundai and Kia motor vehicles and employs 115.

The ten serious safety violations relate to a negligence on the part of the employer that includes exposing employees to slip hazards from wet floors, and amputation hazards from unguarded machinery.

An OSHA statement reads: “Management at this facility has adopted a productivity-over-safety mentality and repeatedly claims that it is too expensive to address the safety hazards found in the workplace.”

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