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Unguarded Machine Costs Worker his Hand, Costs Company $570K

Oregon, OH – Proper machine guarding and employee training could have prevented an amputation at the Autoneum North America plant just across the river from Toledo, OH. The auto parts maker is being fined $570,000 after a worker lost his right hand and part of his arm in an industrial accident.

Federal investigators report that a 46-year-old man was feeding scrap material into amachine guardingn unguarded shredding machine in December when he was hurt. OSHA says the accident was preventable and therefore cited the Autoneum plant for three of its highest safety violations. Federal officials cited the company for lacking proper protective guards and failing to train workers on proper operating procedures.

Autoneum North America makes automotive insulation at the factory in Oregon, OH

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OSHA Fines Tyson after Finger Amputation in TX

Center, TX – OSHA has issued fines of more than $263,000 to Tyson Foods after an unguarded conveyor belt in Tyson’s Center (TX) facility caught a worker’s finger and dragged his hand into a deboning machine. The employee’s finger was amputated by the machine when he was trying to remove chicken partsosha fines tyson poultry processing jammed in its conveyor belt.

In their investigation, OSHA found 15 serious workplace safety violations and two repeated violations at the Center plant of the nation’s largest poultry processor, Tyson Foods. Violations found included amputation hazards, worker exposure to high levels of gases and acids, lack of employee PPE, and no safety guards on machine parts and catwalks.

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$150K+ in OSHA Fines Proposed Against WI Repeat Offender

Niagara, WI – Wood Fibers Inc. has been placed on OSHA’s Severe Violator Enforcement Program after consistently failing to comply with safety and health standards. OSHA has issued one willful, four repeat, and three serious safety and health violations bwood fibers lockout repeatased on an October 2015 inspection with proposed penalties totaling $152,460. Failure to implement OSHA’s past recommendations has put employees of the Wisconsin wood pellet manufacturer in danger of amputation, burns, and other life-threatening workplace injuries.

OSHA found employees operated machines without effective safeguards from moving parts, and combustible dust hazards in processing equipment and associated dust collection equipment. OSHA also cited a lack of training on procedures to prevent unintentional machine operation during service and maintenance and electrical safety violations, known as lockout/tagout training and procedures..

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Unguarded Machines Injure 3 at Schwan’s Facility in KS

Salina, KS – OSHA has announced $172,000 in fines against Schwan’s Global Supply Chain, citing it for three repeated safety violations and four serious violations for accidents due to unguarded machinery at the company’s frozen pizza plant in Salina, KS.

In three separate accidents in 2015, one female Schwan’s worker lost a hand; another lost a finger; and a third suffered fractures and burns to one hand. All three workplace injuries occured within three months of each other.

The OSHA investigation concluded that Schwan’s had exposed its Salina workers to amputation and other serious hazards through unguarded equipment on the production line. In their statement, OSHA said “three women’s lives were dramatically altered because their employer failed to protect them from hazardous operatinfrozen pizza unguardedg machinery parts.”

In August 2015, a 55-year-old worker was picking up pizza crumbs when her glove was caught in an unguarded conveyor chain and sprocket-drive assembly. Her right hand had to be amputated after the accident.

In September, a 39-year-old worker’s left hand was lacerated and fractured after she reached into a conveyor area to clear a pizza pan jam. Her her palm burned as well.

In October, a 55-year-old employee inadvertently put her hand into an unguarded chain and sprocket, amputating the middle finger of her left hand.

The Salina Schwan’s facility makes frozen pizzas under the Tony’s and Red Baron brands.

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2 Workers Injured While Cleaning Machinery in MS, OSHA Fines for Violations

Corinth, MS – Mississippi Polymers has been cited for 11 “serious” safety violations, totaling $56,0000, for machine safety and lockout/tagout violations that resulted in severe injury and amputation for two Mississippi Polymers employees in the fall of 2015.

In both accidents OSHA investigated, workers were injured while attempting to clean machinery: On Sept. 28, a 41-year-old print tender suffered severe injury when his hand got entangled in a print roller and was crushed. Six days later on Oct. 4, amachine guard safety violations 59-year-old mill operator caught her hand in a print roller. The machine crushed her pinky finger so badly that a portion of the finger, up to the first joint, had to be amputated.

OSHA cited Mississippi Polymers for exposing workers to unguarded rollers, shafts, and gears; and failing to train workers on the specific procedures to prevent machinery from starting up during maintenance (processes known as lockout/tagout). As noted by OSHA officials, “protective guarding was available and could have prevented such incidents.”

The employer of more than 160 workers in Corinth, Mississippi Polymers manufactures functional and decorative films used in many products such as banners and billboards.

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Lack of Machine Safety Costs Austin Worker’s Hand

Austin, TX – Austin-based nutritional supplement maker Genesis Today Inc., faces potential fines of $56,000 for not having the proper safeguards in place to protect workers from getting body parts caught in a machine. Additionally, Texas Management Division Inc., which provided Genesis Today with temporary workers, could also face a $7,000 penalty for not ensuring that moving machine parts were properly guarded to prevent serious injuries. To ensure that workers are not injured, then companies much provide things like way covers and bellows (like the ones available at dynatect.com) to help protect people whilst the machines are moving.

OSHA announced the proposed penalties and citations on Nov. 9 following an iproper safeguards chia seedsnspection initiated in May after an incident that resulted in a worker’s hand being caught in a machine and amputated. OSHA representatives were careful to say that temporary workers face the same hazards as full-time workers and must be protected and properly trained, and that the “host employer and the staffing agency are both responsible for keeping their workers safe.”

The incident at Genesis occurred when the worker fainted and fell into a machine that shells chia seeds. His hand became caught in a corkscrew apparatus at the bottom of the machine that moves the shelled seeds further down the production line. There should have been a guard on the machine to prevent anything from falling in.

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