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Our Mission: “To improve workforce safety by providing reliable and trusted solutions by employees who care about the greater good.”

Martin Technical is a privately held company based in Denver, CO with offices and team members throughout the United States. We are experts in providing practical safety and efficiency services that make plants and facilities better, safer and more efficient. Our team of professionals combine their real world work experiences of the past with today’s technologies and best practices to provide our customers with knowledge to operate their plants and maintenance programs in the safest, most efficient manner possible.  And because all our experts have in-field experience, we understand the difference between theory and applications and are able to translate today’s complex problems into simple solutions that can be implemented tomorrow.





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We provide our services on a global basis to virtually every type and size of the company, including:

– Manufacturing Plants
– Schools & Universities
– Data & Service Centers
– Warehouse & Distribution
– Government & Military
– Hospitals
– R&D Facilities
– Airports
– Energy Plants
– Water & Waste Water
– Hotels & Casinos
– Office Buildings


Martin Technical is all about safety and efficiency and offers individual solutions for your plant and facility. We combine today’s technologies with time tested best practices to make the complex “simple” and the “hazardous” safe to create programs that work for you and your company.

– Lockout Tagout
– Arc Flash
– Electrical Safety Services
– Electrical Studies & Analysis
– Infrared Inspections
– Industrial Safety Training
– Health & Safety Services


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