Electrical Safety Written Program Development

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Electrical Safety Written Program & Plan Development

To ensure your personnel’s safety, it’s important they at least know how to avoid dangerous electrical situations and be wearing safety equipment like Static Dissipative Boots or Electrical Hazard Work Boots (it depends on the job so visit footwear 4 workers to find out more). They should know the safety procedures inside out for their own safety. Electrical Safety Programs and Plans are intended to protect all personnel from electrical shock, arc-flash, and fire hazards of electrical origin. The programs are also intended to ensure compliance to OSHA electrical safety requirements published as Federal Law in the Code of Federal Regulations 29 CFR 1910.

An Electrical Safety Program and Plan must apply to all employees, contractors, and vendors that may be exposed to electrical hazards in the course of performing their work including examination, maintenance, repair, diagnostics, troubleshooting, calibrating, and installation. NFPA 70E 110.7 (A) General The employer shall implement an overall electrical safety program that directs activity appropriate for the voltage, energy level, and circuit conditions.

Martin Technical will save you hundreds of hours developing an Electrical Safety Program & Plan. With an extensive background in electrical safety and training, Martin Technical will recommend detailed topics and language, specific to your facility that should be included in your Electrical Safety Program.


Electrical Safety Programs are developed to prevent electrical injuries to all personnel in the workplace. The implementation of and adherence to the program creates an electrically safe workplace to ensure all employees, contractors, and visitors are protected from electrical hazards capable of causing injury or death.


The process examines the customer’s current procedures and documentation for electrical safety, identifies gaps, and develops a new documented program that meets OSHA compliance and follows recommendations of NFPA 70E. The program will be conducted by an electrical maintenance specialist who has a strong understanding of the various electrical standards/laws and who is experienced in developing electrical safety and maintenance programs. Work is generally done via multiple phone conferences and the exchange of electronic documents. The electrical program specialist will:

  • review current processes
  • identify gaps
  • make recommendations
  • implement new policies and procedures into a new document
  • review changes with customer


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