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Lockout Failure at Dynergy Results in Amputation + $92K in OSHA Fines

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Baldwin, IL – Dynergy Midwest Generation, Inc has been issued one willful and seven serious citations by OSHA after an investigation triggered by a 2015 lockout-tagout accident that resulted in the amputation of an employee’s fingers. These citations carry an fine totalling $92,000.

The accident occurred at Dynergy’s Baldwin (IL) Energy Complex. A 46-year-old worker lost four fingers on his right hand when a feed machine cycled as helockout failure kill switch machine amputation reached inside an access door to assist another employee with maintenance. OSHA inspectors found Dynegy Midwest Generation LLC liable for their failure to power down the machinery prior to employees servicing the machine, a process commonly known as Lockout Tagout. Unfortunately, OSHA also found that multi-finger amputations had occurred on this same machine twice previously.

The OSHA citations include failure to place caution signs on access doors of machinery to warn employees of amputation hazards; failure to conduct hazard assessments to determine the need for personal protective equipment (PPE); and failure to conduct regular inspections of energy control procedures; among others.

Martin Technical’s Rapid LOTO Lockout Program is the most advanced and comprehensive program in the industry. We leverage our experience in maintenance and safety with today’s technologies to provide a robust system designed for ease of implementation and easy to understand. Our team of lockout experts assess your equipment and develop lockout procedures using our proprietary system and software. Using hand-held tablets, our lockout professionals can turn the lockout data into procedures by the next day. This rapid turn around time keeps relevant information in hand and allows for quick corrections when needed and makes application of the placards to your equipment possible the next day.

After the Lockout/Tagout procedures have been implemented, your Martin Technical field engineer will provide Lockout/Tagout training for those who need it and will consult with management on any of the Lockout/Tagout program requirements. Contact a member of our Lockout/Tagout Team today to discuss how we can support safety at your facility.

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