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Workplace Safety Training More Important Than Ever

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As fines for OSHA violations are set to increase in 2016, the time for workplace safety training is now. Some estimate an up to 80% increase in OSHA fines, giving businesses yet another incentive to invest in employee safety training.

For the first time in 25 years, fines for workplace safety violations are due to increase following passage of a new bill signed by President Obama. OSHA is reviewing the legislation and will determine the new fine structure by the time the new budget is in place in July. Estimates for increased fines include $12,600 for Serious violations up to $126,000 for Repeat violations. These new penalties take effect August 1, 2016.

As we all know, numerous incidents of safety oversights and intentional worker endangerment have resulted in employee injury or death. OSHA has clearly outlined safety standards to protect workers. Employees at all levels of an organization are encouraged to complete a comprehensive safety training course to protect themselves and co-workers from worksite dangers. Taking part in the comprehensive safety training that employees may be expected to complete could prevent them from picking up serious injuries in the workplace. Getting injured in the workplace can result in your employers facing a claim from someone like Diamond and Diamond Lawyers, (diamondlaw.ca) so that the injured party gets the relevant compensation that they may need to make a full recovery. That is why a safety training course could be crucial to the safety of your employees and anyone else who is associated with the business. If you would like to know more about workplace safety, you may want to visit FFVA to learn more.

Furthermore, businesses and offices should establish written safety protocols that outline how to identify, prevent, and report workplace safety hazards. Regardless of what sort of industry your business is in, keeping your employees safe should be a priority. Even places that might seem safe to work, like an office, will still experience injuries. Whether it’s something as easy as contacting a cleaning company, like greenfacilities.co.uk for example, to give your office a full clean to ensure that no employees will be injured by any mess in the office, it should be done to keep your health and safety up to date. Employers with existing safety protocols should review and revise them to ensure they meet the latest OSHA standards.

Martin Technical offers a comprehensive program for minimizing your company’s risk of incurring OSHA fines through our Lockout/Tagout program, electrical safety services, and employee training courses.
If you need some help and advice for safety in the workplace, visit dorsaVi’s manual handling movement assessment.
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