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Martin Technical Redefines Safety Learning with Immersive Technology

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WESTMINSTER, CO – November 23rd, 2021

Martin Technical, Inc., a leading provider of workplace safety solutions and consulting services, is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with extended reality solutions provider, PIXO, to provide an immersive safety learning experience via virtual reality (VR).

The VR Safety Training is part of Martin Technical’s blended learning solutions, which consist of on-site training, hands-on validation, online learning, webinars, and toolbox talks. VR is a cost-effective tool for simulating realistic hazardous working environments to create memorable, interactive learning opportunities in a safe virtual environment. The VR-based immersive training enhances safety training programs across various industries to better onboard, re-skill, or upskill their workforce in essential safety protocols that reduce risk and liability to the organization. Martin Technical’s VR curriculums, developed by subject matter experts, provide an effective and engaging way to practice and validate safety requirements without stopping production.

Martin Technical Redefines Safety Learning with Immersive Technology

PIXO makes virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies more effortless to use and scale than ever before. Its teams of award-winning VR engineers, developers, and training experts are dedicated to making the VR applications with Apex, PIXO’s groundbreaking content distribution, management, and analytics platform. It has never been easier for organizations to access, distribute, and manage VR applications across numerous endpoints and thousands of users and devices. Download content directly to headsets for a superior end-user experience for trainees, students, patients, clients, and customers.

About Martin Technical

Martin Technical is a leading provider of practical safety and efficiency services that make industrial plants and facilities better, safer, and more efficient. Our experts can help simplify the complex by applying real-world solutions for Lockout Tagout, Arc Flash, Electrical Safety, Risk Assessments, Training, Machine Safety & Safety Consulting Services.

To learn more, please visit www.MarTechnical.com, call 866-234-6890, or email Sales@MarTechnical.com.

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